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Mission Statement
Reliable Care LLC was established in 2001 with the purpose of providing nursing services to patients in Long Term care facilities. Thereafter, Home Care Services and Home Medical Equipment and Supplies Services were added as part of the service offerings under RCSLLC and RMSLLC respectively. Today, the following services are provided:
  • Supplemental Staffing:
    Reliable Care Services [RCS]LLC. This Business Line provides supplemental nursing staffing services to amongst other services, nursing homes, assisted living and independent living facilities in the area. Our application process includes an intensive general assessment test, skills assessments of all health care workers. We ensure all the health care workers have current licenses, favorable background checks and have been thoroughly screened prior to the work assignment. Health care professionals provided are Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Geriatric Nursing Assistants.

  • Home Care Services:
    The Home care services is the division specializing in providing in-home care for both adults and pediatric patients. Various categories of services are provided by this division and they include:
    • Private Duty Nursing Services: Under this category, nursing services are requested for an extended period of time or extended hours in a day.

    • Home Visits by a Licensed Professional - these services are ordered to cater for the patient on a temporary basis while the patient learns to independently care for themselves or until condition is resolved.
    Some of the services provided here are Skilled nursing visits by a Registered Nurse for wound care, Diabetic teaching, Asthma teaching/management etc.The goal with this care of service is to teach a family care giver or the patient to manage their care independently.

  • Home Medical Equipment and Supplies:
    This Line specializes in assisting patients to maintain an acceptable level of independence in the home through the use of a physician ordered Home Medical Equipment and Supplies. This unit provides a wide variety of durable medical equipment and supplies including; hospital beds, wheelchairs, bathroom safety equipments, incontinent supplies, Nebulizers, Tens units, CPAP and Bipap machines to name but just a few.
    A designated staff member will follow the physicians order to identify the right equipment for the patient based on the diagnosis and/or an assessment of the home.
Our clientele include: government agencies, managed care organizations, commercial insurance companies, employers and individuals who rely on us as their source for a variety of home health care/service needs.

We understand that our clients have a choice and by selecting our services, we appreciate the choice and trust in us and are committed to providing the most efficient and effective quality care/service.

Reliable Care
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